Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer 2018, Part II: the Re-Summering

Welcome to the second half of the summer term! (Week 08). 

*Update* Hey students: I've shifted the information that was here to the class specific page along the right hand side links. What you're probably looking for is on the page VGD-1025: week 08

Cats have the courage to say what we're all thinking.

It's exciting to be back teaching class and the group I'm teaching show all the signs of being engaged and hardworking. It's every teachers dream! Jeremy Dilks has taken them through the first seven weeks and has laid out the structure for the rest of the class, so I anticipate smooth sailing.

*Update* Conserving space - here is the summer archive of pages
1025 - Week 08 (RJ)
1025 - Week 09
1025 - Week 10
1025 - Week 11 (RP)
1025 - Week 12 (Final)
1025 - Week 13 (CP)