Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Fall 2020


Everyone has their own ways of coping with the current challenges.

The online adventure continues! With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the programs I teach in are continuing in a virtual capacity for both Fall and Winter semesters. For ANC, a two semester program, it means I have an incoming cadre of students who I will never meet in a physical classroom. Establishing a successful rapport will be challenging without face to face meeting. Fortunately there are excellent tools available now so it will just come down to my own proficiency. 

This term I'm teaching a new class in the new Fanshawe Animation program (ANI). This is the first intake of program, so stakes are high to have a good outcome. Here's a summary of the classes and assignments this term:

ANC Animation Intro (6012)

6012 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
6012 - Pendulum (PM)
6012 - Ball with Tail (BT)
6012 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANI 3d Animation 1 (1069)

1069 - Rigid Pendulum (RP)
1069 - Bouncing Balls (BB)
1069 - Seaweed (SW)
1069 - Ball with Tail (BT)
1069 - Leg Ball Jump (LBJ)

ANC Preproduction (6020)

6020 - Storyboard (SB)
6020 - Conversation Movie (CM)
6020 - Simple Rig (SR)
6020 - The Chase (TC)